Nova Scotia, Canada


    Welcome to the web home of Fourwinds Farm.  We are yours truly, Katharine Locke, my husband Michiel Oudemans, the horses and poultry, dogs and cats, and whoever else may be around.  The farm is nestled close the northern coast of Nova Scotia on the Sunrise Trail which runs along the Northumberland Straight in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence.  In the summer the sea is as warm as the Carolina coast!  In winter the north wind brings arctic air and Snow Buntings who come south for the winter! 

    Irish Draught horses seeped slowly into my awareness as I followed Three Day Eventing through twenty years away from horses.  After a five year crash course in horse breeding - where I produced some lovely Irish Draught Sport Horse foals - I now focus on pure bred Irish Draught Horses.  The environment here and the simple care I provide - grass, hay, minerals, hoof trimming, and a little shelter and worm medicine - grows horses who are healthy, hardy and happy.  Correct and consistent handling from birth builds on the lovely Irish Draught temperament to produce good citizens with respectful manners.

    My goal as an Irish Draught Horse breeder is to produce a horse that is true to the Breed Standard in conformation, ability and temperament.  My aspiration as a breeder is to produce top notch breeding stock and get them into the hands of other committed Irish Draught breeders.